Computed Tomography (CT) scans give our veterinarians a 3-D view of your pet’s internal health. CT scans offer multiple views of the same area and distinguishes the difference between bone and soft tissue.

Computed Tomography (CT SCAN)

Computed Tomography (CT) is a type of radiographic imaging procedure involving specialized X-ray equipment that takes 3 dimensional pictures of the body. This allows for a medical practitioner to view images of the body, organs, bones, etc., in slices, much like looking at a sliced loaf of bread.


We also use our machine to get a full scope of your pet’s dental health. In just eighteen seconds, a CT scan will provide information about the condition of your pet’s gums and teeth so we can address the issues immediately and directly. We can see any roots that are in the gums even if the crown is not visible which is especially useful for cats with resorptive lesions and if roots were left behind from previous dental extractions. A CT scam can show us bone loss around the teeth before your pet is even showing that they are painful. In addition to the dental aspect we can get a full view of the skull. This allows for us to evaluate jaw fractures, any sinus issues including nose bleeds, and middle and inner ear problems.