Why Using a Surge Protector in Your Home in Columbus, Ohio Matters

One look around the house is all it takes to understand how many electrical devices are present. If some sort of power surge occurred, what would happen to those devices? Would the damage go beyond the device and involve the home proper? Choosing to install surge protectors in Columbus, Ohio homes makes sense for more than one reason. Here are some examples.

The Increased Risk During a Storm

Many storms come with plenty of lighting to go with the thunder and driving rain. While the noise and the precipitation are not likely to cause any problems with the home wiring, lighting is another matter. All it takes is a direct hit to trigger a surge. When that happens, everything from the computer in the home office to the refrigerator could be ruined.

Choosing to invest in surge protection helps to minimize the potential for this type of damage. Compare the cost of the protection with the expense of replacing major appliances. It won’t take long to see which approach makes more financial sense.

Issues With the Local Grid

While surges caused by a malfunction of the local grid are less likely, they can occur. When the safeguards put in place by the local utility company fail, the result can be a flow of current that is more than the home wiring can handle. Since the current would pass right through to any appliances attached to the system, they could be rendered useless. With the right surge protection in place, the potential for avoiding any major damage is much higher.

Surges With Systems Inside the Home

Not everyone is aware of how appliances can also be the underlying cause of a power surge. For example, the motors used on refrigerators, dishwashers, and even the washer and dryer could malfunction and cause short bursts of power to flow through the wiring. Along with the damage to the appliance, other devices in the home will be at risk. If the surge can be contained, the homeowner is less likely to need repairs to the wiring.

Before settling on the right solution for surge protection, it pays to get help from a professional electrician. Not all equipment designed for protection offers the same benefits. With the aid of the electrician, it’s possible to choose protectors based on the types of devices found in the home, the condition of the wiring, and the potential risks that the owner faces. Once the protectors are in place, the homeowner can rest easy knowing that the possibility of an unfortunate event is minimal.